On abstraction:

  1. Dash, Fragment, Bracket by Andrianna Campbell
  2. Everything is Finished Nothing is Dead: An Article About Abstract Painting – Chris Martin, The Brooklyn Rail, 4/1/03
  3. Zombies on the Walls: Why Does So Much Abstraction Look the Same? – Jerry Saltz, Vulture Magazine, 6/17/2013
  4. Response to Zombie Formalism(2 coats of paint)
  5. Malevich- From Cubism and Futurism to Suprematism
  6. Abstract – Liam Gillick
  7. Agnes Martin, The Untroubled Mind

On color:

  1. Chromophobia – David Batchelor

On contemporary painting:

  1. Provisional Painting – Raphael Rubinstein, Art in America, 5/4/2009
  2. The Forever Now (pdf 7.6MB)- Laura Hoptman, MoMA catalogue text, 10/31/2014
  3. Painting in the Extended Field by Gustavo Fares

On painting and meaning:

  1. The Knowledge of Painting – Isabelle Graw, Texte zur Kunst, 6/11
  2. What Painting Is – James Elkins
  3. What Does It Mean to Be a Grown-up Painter? – John Yau, Hyperallergic, 2/22/2015
  4. Painting Beside Itself – David Joselit, October, 10/28/2009
  5. Anne Harris- The Eyelid as Metaphor
  6. CABINET : The Logics of Deflation

On painting and history:

  1. Modern Art was CIA ‘weapon’ – Frances Stonor Saunders, The Independent, 10/22/1995
  2. Oral History of Painting with Fairfield Porter
  3. Amy Sillman on ABEX
  4. Douglas Crimp- The End of Painting

On trying:

  1. Sol Lewitt Letter to Eva Hesse
  2. Letter to a Young Poet
  3. Agnes Martin Notes

On specific artists:

  1. Michael Berryhill’s Impossible Art
  2. CREATIVE TIME Minter Interview with Kate Gilmore
  3. Luc Tuymans and William Sasnal
  4. Charline Von Heyl by Shirley Kaneda